In Fortune and Glory

Ship's Log

An account of the trials and travails of the good ship Fortune and Glory

Follows here a written account of the events surrounding the Rogue Trader Fortune and Glory and the souls carried therein:

Having completed our salvage of the Emperor’s Bounty we began the long haul to bring her back to Port Wander for refitting or stripping. However, as we pulled free of the Battleground an anomalous contact appeared on our augurs. Its IFF identifying itself as the Bellicose, it drew nearer with no response to our hails. Playing it safe, our Captain and Voidsman began evasive maneuvers away from the larger vessel; too soon, however, the ship closed range and opened fire, damaging our ship heavily and taking our hard won Bounty.

In an act of desperation we blind jumped,our Geller field still disabled. I’ll not recount the loss of our Navigator in detail; let it suffice to say that he was a good soul and did not deserve his terrible end. We fell through the warp and emerged wounded but still breathing. Our ship’s spirit shuddering with damage sustained, we limped into Port Wander some two weeks later.

We are now stranded here until we can repair our ship, but we will not take long in doing so. They will learn what it means to anger us, and when we stand over them with lances charged we will show them the same mercy they showed us.



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