In Fortune and Glory

Excerpt from Acting Pilot's logbook

Partially charred page found amongst the wreckage of the ship Fortune and Glory

Had a bit of fun today in the industrial sector, which was good because I was beginning to think that there was nothing to do around here but talk. Figures first time I leave the ship without the gigantic babysitter and I have to “accompany the lord captain” which means a ton of listening to people who want to shoot each other talk and be nice instead of shooting each other.


Anyways I’m settling myself in for a nap when in storms this man Graft and his flunkies. He’s angry that we aren’t the right people or something (turns out the Captain lied to get us inside, who knew he had it in him?). So the pudgy fellows yelling and carrying on like they always do when they first meet the Captain, but this time I think the Captain was feeling a bit impatient since he did end up just shooting him, and then quite a few others too. So the day wasn’t a total waste after all. We also ran into a fellow by the name of Ravin Corvis, him being the boss of Vertrus Graft that was one creepy individual, not quite as creepy as our resident spook as he learned later, but still creepy. So we had a bit of fun with his men and got us a dry dock, its just like I’ve always said if you cant beat them senseless and take their stuff your doing it wrong. Picked up a new friend to, courtesy of Mr.Graft , can’t wait to introduce him to some people but for now since the babysitter is still off doing who knows what I’m going to go find a bar and a willing woman…. or just a woman.



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