In Fortune and Glory

Encounters on Port Wander

Trouble on Arrival

We have recently arrived at Port Wander in less than satisfying circumstances. Our ship damaged, our crew decimated, and I believe that I’ve misplaced the key to my room again. Not that it truly matters as the room itself is currently exposed to vacuum but it would be nice to look upon the turning gears and rest my mind in its silence. One of the surviving crew who has been going for walks on that section of the ship tell me that the room itself is still in good condition just that the outer hull apparently buckled and the seals weren’t strong enough to maintain the atmosphere. It was kind of him to even mention it as I know I am treated with some fear by the ratings.

Our time spent on station so far has not been wasted, we have made contacts within the Administratum and are pursuing a lead on repair facilities for our ship. Most troubling to me though are the tales of disappearances and how they seem to center on those with the warps touch in them. I confess I feel as though, even now in the confines of our guncutter, that eyes watch me hungrily. Though i may just be feeling the strain of so many voices. I long for the solitude of the void, but for now we must stay here. The lady navigator who has employed us seems to be trustworthy (in the sense that I don’t feel the need to keep her third eye covered) though I’ve uncovered that her staff may not be. I feel that even mentioning this to the captain would be fruitless as he wouldn’t trust anyone associated with Belloc anyways. I don’t know what that man did to the captain in his past all I know is the rage and hate that echo of his mind when the name is said. Still, we’ve been on station barely 2 days and we’ve gotten into two altercations had to bail our voidsman out of jail and I feel I’m under the eyes of people who would do me harm… Fairly standard so far.



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